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We are a faith community of ordinary people, experiencing God’s extraordinary, transforming grace in Jesus Christ.  Together we are being revived by faith, renewed by hope, and restored by love as we seek to live out the core teaching of Jesus to love God, love others and live to help people encounter His good news.


Worship Gathering  Sunday 10:00 am

We have an upbeat, down-to-earth celebration each Sunday morning at 10:00 am.  Each week you'll hear insights from God's Word that are clear and applicable to your life.

Connections    Sunday 9:00 am

Whether or not you choose to believe it, evil is real and ever present all over the world. In the midst of wars, disasters, and personal pain, the response is often the same. Where is God?
Why would He let this happen?


Although no one has all the answers, in The Problem of Evil, you can find hope and encouragement to help you think through these questions about evil and why God allows it. Join author and speaker Os Guinness, a graduate of the University of London and Oxford, as he introduces the problem of evil.


Come join us Sunday at 9:00 am and gain a deeper understanding of what evil truly is and discover why you can trust God to sustain you when bad things happen.


Stepping Up: Men's Ministry

You are invited to join other BeFree men for a two-year walk on the long trail toward becoming the men God has created us to be.


We will take the journey together one month at a time, 5 x a year.  We will use material from Family Life to provide some content but the primary benefit of this will be our connection to one another.


The cost is an annual fee of $20 and then 90 minutes one Saturday a month from March - May, Sept - Nov.   We start March 1.


Contact  Chris Clinch to sign up.


The 5 Stones

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